Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Week 6/26/2017-6/30/2017

Dear Parents:

I’m so sorry for sending this final week newsletter late. Time is flying.  It seems not long ago your child just started sixth grade.  Now it is the last week for them to get ready to move on to seventh grade. Most students have worked so diligently and followed my instruction to study. They have made great improvements in learning Chinese.  Cheers! 

This final week, we will focus on reviewing all the vocabularies and readings that students have learned throughout this year.  Also, students will continue their writing project and present it to the whole class on Wednesday.  In addition, they will have an HSK3 assessment to see how much they have retained their HSK3 vocabularies.  Thursday, students will have movie and game board day party.  They can bring their favorite snacks to eat in the class.

This year has been a great teaching and learning experience for all of us.  In my position, I understand the role of being a teacher in the classroom seriously.  I have taught the best I know how.  I surely appreciate those of you who communicated directly with me to allow me to get to know your child better.  I deeply believe that you and I both want your child to be successful in all they do.  Remember, communication is the key to help your child succeed.   My final word to you is I love you all and appreciate those who have supported and helped their children learn this year.



Saturday, June 17, 2017

Week 6/19/2017-6/23/2017


Hello Parents,
We are in the final stretch!  I am so proud of my students and how hard they have worked this year!  Please read through all of these important announcements carefully:
1.  Many of you know that i am in my last semester of a Master’s in Instructional Leadership at Utah State University.  Unfortunately, my degree requires a week of face-to-face classes at the USU extension in Brigham City.  I will be there this upcoming week and will have class from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm daily.  I hate to miss this week of school but have worked very hard to get excellent subs and provide detailed instructions.  Monday through Wednesday my sub will be Stephanie Murray, A track first grade teacher at Eastlake.  Thursday and Friday my sub will be Madison Taylor, A track 5th grade teacher at Eastlake.  The students will be in good hands.  Please email or text me if you have any questions or concerns- 801-949-2868.
2.  For our field trip to Classic Fun Center tomorrow please be sure that your child wears or brings socks for the skating.  The students will eat pizza for lunch during the event.  They can bring a snack to eat at school in the afternoon upon their return.
3.  I am hoping to make my teaching more effective next year by creating a digital version of our math journal and lessons that can be posted to Google Classroom.  If you feel that you can donate to this project I would greatly appreciate it.  I would also appreciate if you would forward this link to anyone you know who may be able to help or any businesses looking for a donation opportunity.  A few of your kids are in my class picture on the Donors Choose site.  I have to fund a smaller project (under $2000) before I can request a set of Chrome Books.  The rest of you who signed release forms will see your kids in upcoming pictures :).

This week all donations will be matched up to $50 if the code “LIFTOFF” is used at checkout. 

Thank you!
Beth Pollock


Dear Parents and students:

It was a great privilege for me to teach Chinese in the DLI Schools.  I hope that your child also feels the same way I do; that is, they have been given a privilege to learn Chinese.  I believe that it takes a village to raise a child to be a great citizen.  It has been a great honor for me to be part of it and to watch over your children.  Even though your children have been in the Chinese DLI program since 1st grade, it is still a big deal to make your child feel that their learning is special.  I want you to know that my classroom door is always open for you to drop by and be with your children and walk around to see how they are doing in class.  (If you worry about speaking English or disrupting the class, you can sit back at the table and give your child a smile and make them feel special.) 
For the last two weeks students will have their final teaching project to complete and present to the whole class.  The biggest part of this project will be done in the classroom.  The final due date will be this coming Thursday. 
The teaching project will be divided into two parts.
The first part:
Students can choose a simple trick, task, or the game that they are really good at and teach classmates how to do it.  Students are required to use at least 6 different connect words such as first, second, then… or last in their writing.  They need to write at least 3 paragraphs and have each paragraph contains at least six completed sentences.  (Each sentence should contain more than six characters and phrases combined.)
In their first paragraph, they need to explain why they choose this trick or task, or game.  For the second paragraph, they need to write the teaching steps in details.  The last paragraph they need to explain the usage or benefits of learning their trick, task or game.
The second part:
Your student needs to write a paragraph for their biography with their picture.  The paragraph needs at least 10 completed sentences that include their name, nationality, age, and their family: Where do they live? What school they go to?  How many years have they studied Chinese?”
New rewards have been added to my regular discipline rules.
Students will have an extra 15 minutes recess daily when they are doing the following:
-Be respectful to classmates and the teacher in class.
-Be kind to classmates and teacher.
-Follow direction the first time and not talk back or answer in a disrespect way.
-Complete classwork.
Monday:  Students will receive their quiz result.
Thursday: Writing project due.
Friday: HSK3 (17,18) Quiz, Game board party


Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Week 6/12/2017-6/16/2017

Dear Parents:

It is almost the end of the year.  Students have already finish their SAGE testings.  What a relief!  For Chinese, students will take their Level Chinese reading assessment in the coming weeks.  As I have mentioned, there is no short cut to learn languages.  Learning a language is just like learning to play piano or sports.  There is no secret about being good at Chinese.  It all depends on a person's desire and daily efforts. How well your child does is demonstrated by how much time and effort that they are willing to put into learning Chinese.  Even though I don't request your child to have Chinese homework, it is very important for your child to spend 15 minutes a night to practice their Quizlet or go to my blog to practice Chinese through a variety of resources that I have posted on my blog.  I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to teach your child and to see how much they have improved in Chinese.

Monday:  Students will receive their Chinese vocabulary quiz.  If they wish to retake the test, they are always welcome to do so.
Friday: HSK3 (15,16) Vocabulary Quiz.  It is a board game party time.  Students are welcome to bring their favorite snack to eat while playing their games in class.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Week 6/5/2017-6/9/2017

Hello Parents,
First, I would love some help purchasing small prizes or treats for my end of year awards ceremony.  These are awards for students who reach goals and go above and beyond.  I will make certificates for each student but I would love to have some small prize or treat to go with each.  If you can donate some small items such as pencils, erasers, bouncy balls, playdough, bubbles, sticky hands, suckers, gum, candy bars, or anything else you can think of please click on the following link.  Please send all items by next Friday, June 16.
Examples of awards:
Fast Fingers- 40 wpm or more
Math Master- Humdinger on 36 Club
Rabid Reader- Be on Z by the end of the year or improve 3 levels
Safety Specialist- Safety Patrol
Growth Guru- Achieve your growth goal on SRI, Math SLO, Reading SLO, or Science SLO
Lighthouse Leader- Student Council
Behavior Beacon- Excellent Behavior (all E’s on Citizenship all year)
Academic Achiever- Honor roll all 3 terms

For this week:  Field trip Monday (I already sent an email about this), SAGE science on Tuesday and Wednesday, poetry and book clubs for the remainder of the week. 
Thank you!
Beth Pollock

Dear parents:
This week, we will have a field trip on Monday.  Yeah:)  This week, students are going to learn HSK3 (13,14) vocabulary as well as the lessons.  For those students who request the vocabulary flashcards, I will give it  to them on MondayWednesday, I will be out of the building.  Mrs. Lee will be my sub.  Even though, I did not assign a  Quizlet for homework, I strongly encourage you to talk to your student to set 15 minutes to practice Quizlet vocabulary on a daily basis.  If your student has a problem opening the Quizlet, please send me an email.  Monday, I will also send students' quiz result  to take home.  If students would like to retake the test,  they can always take the test during the intervention time.
Friday, HSK 3 (13,14) vocabulary quiz